miércoles, marzo 15


There are so many things I’m willing to say, and there are some others that I still want to hear from you. But I’m not telling anything and so are you. Are we alike?

How do I have to feel every time I see the popup window telling me you are online?
Nowadays I feel butterflies all over my stomach, just like the very fist time I added you to my contact list.

How do I have to react in our conversations?
Because I was familiar to other kind of words, to other kind of subjects, to other kind of feelings.

How to be as indifferent as you are?
I wish I could...


At 3:44 a.m., Anonymous Anónimo said...

you both guys are -in the past- and the past cant hurt you now, can it?Always look 4ward and think ahead.

try 2 see it as a fresh start. as you were saying "just like the very first time"... i dunno certaintly about you, but that kind of feelings and "first time" emotions tend to fade over the time. And its a good thing youre experiencing them all over again.

my point here is, all in all that bunch of feelings mean something. Either you still love or maybe its a "new" opportunity to fall in love again with this "new person" you already know, but with some -little- changes, changes you can make work for you with a bit of a wise, objective, easygoing point of view.
Personally i think that can be as fun as challenging.
Its just part of the game you want it? just grab it.

At 4:35 p.m., Blogger Ruy Feben said...

Don Quack,


¡Viva la Patria Grande!

Si no entendió lo que dije, vaya a www.claxon.blogspot.com y descúbralo.

Un abrazo, y vamos parriba.


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